Chairman Message

Chairman Message

In the changing global environment continuing education program including vocational studies have emerged as a powerful mode of education to all section of society. The role of education is being continuously redefined in such a dynamic scenario. Information and communication technology tools are taking center stage in providing requisite skills and knowledge to the learners.

The barriers which are mainly due to financial mode being provide by society and main stress is to remove unemployment. I congratulate all my team members, governing body and my staff to make this institute an epitome of knowledge. I look forward to incorporate the latest in the curriculum and pedagogical techniques.

To corroborate it further, I feel pleasure to announce Sarv Saksharta Mission which aims to impart technical education to every nook & corner the country by transcending the barriers of high cost and making it relatively suitable for every pocket.

It gives me immense pleasure when a student completes successfully its curriculum and is well placed. The success of SSM is evident from the fact that our students have been well placed in the reputed organization all over India. We have now completely revamped our courses and learning material in order to provide quality education to students. The introduction of audio visual aids would help the students in competing with the requirement of global work environment. Our courses are beneficial even to women and provide new vistas to their education and employment. The teaching provides elaborate discussion with the faculty, practical exposure, structured learning, job counseling and placement activity as well as diverse with new techniques. I invite you to experience this exciting, simulating and supporting place for pursuing vocational education and learn skills which will prepare you to effectively contribute in national development.

Hope the success will not be as much to us as the same head not been to all of those who we are trying to follow their footsteps in!

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